Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge


Research Topics

  • Leaf growth in grasses: effects of competition, defoliation, stress, and symbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhizae [more ...]
  • Respiration [more ...]
  • Photosynthesis and respiration flux partitioning - 13C- and 18O-discrimination and labelling [more ...]
Grassland Ecology
  • Carbon and nitrogen isotope signatures in cattle hair - ecological fingerprint of production systems? [more ...]
  • Vegetation dynamics in grazed grassland communties [more ...]
  • Nutrient fluxes in pastures [more ...]
Landscape and Regional Studies
  • Influence of grazing pressure on the carbon isotope composition of the grasslands of China: Spatio-temporal variations at multiple scales [more ...]

International Cooperation and Participation in Current Research Networks

Project Title Sponsor
The grassland group is a member of
SFB 607  - Growth and Parasite Defense - Competition for Resources in Economic Plants from Forestry and Agriculture (Project B6)
We are a associated group in the research network
Matter fluxes in grasslands of Inner Mongolia as influenced by stocking rate (MAGIM)
The grassland group is a partner in the EU-funded research training network
NETCARB - Network for Ecophysiology in Closing the Terrestrial Carbon Budget.
The funding of this project has stopped in 2004, but active interactions - data evaluation of joint experiment and writing of papers - continue.
Our research activities in Grassland Ecophysiology are supported by a cooperation with a French group - the Laboratoire de Physiologie et Biochimie Vegétales,Université de Caen  - in the frame of the project
DAAD: Procope
Analysis of the contribution of different sources of C and N to regrowth following defoliation
Our Masters-level course:
‘An introduction to stable isotope uses in physiology and ecology’ is run jointly with faculty of the University of Budweis (Czechia) - Prof. Hana Santruckova (Institute of Soil Biology) and Prof. Jiri Santrucek (Institute of Plant Molecular Biology)
EU: Socrates